Hosting the Next Generation of Events

SocialPass is the go-to events platform, powered by Web3.

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Host an Event

A better approach for creating and managing events of all sizes

Handle Events of All Sizes

From local meetups to a match at your favorite soccer club, SocialPass has you covered

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Create and manage events with a friendly, easy-to-use dashboard, no blockchain expertise required

Digital Asset Ticketing

Enjoy D2C sales, customizable royalties, public IP agreements, and more when using digital assets as event tickets

Attend an Event

Claim tickets and attend events with ease and peace of mind

Use your NFTs as tickets

Use the assets that you own to redeem tickets and attend all the coolest events in the world

Quick & Simple

With SocialPass, users move from start to finish in a fraction of the time of traditional approaches

Safe & Secure

All you need to claim tickets is a cryptocurrency wallet - no endless stream of private information required